Sunday, August 3, 2008

More Wawa

We stayed in Wawa for 4 days, visiting the local area, kayaking a river, visiting a provencial park and doing some biking. But here is the view from our kayaks, back up to where we were parked (you can see a few of our RVs on the far, upper right). We were at Steephill Dam. The water running into the river on the left is from the overflow. This was about 8 miles north of town and some of our group saw bear and moose on their early morning walks.

But on the visit to town we got to participate in a local recreation, 5 pin bowling. Now I have been bowing down yonder in the states for years, but this was a real challenge. All the balls are the same size and weight, no finger holes, you just hold them in your hand and roll them down the alley. And there are only 5 pins. Each pin has a different value assigned and you get 3 tries to get them all down. I won't even go into scoring. Needless to say, we all had a great time.

And the winners of the 2 games got a prize of a harmonica from the proprietor. Our winners gave us a concert at our pot luck later in the week.

We named them Willie and Willie, since they were supposed to be singing one of Willie Nelson's hits, The Train They Call New Orleans.

Another day we went down to Lake Superior Provencial Park. It had a wonderful museum at the Visitor's Center. Here I am looking at some petroglyphs from hundreds of years ago. They are etched on the rocks above Lake Superior.

In the same area there was this wonderful rock crevice which has had stairs carved for access.

This is also from Lake Superior Provencial Park. Sand River was one of the rivers the fur traders traveled to make their living. When they encountered falls such as this one, they had to protage their 36 ft canoes and all their 90 lb bales of furs and trade goods sometimes several miles before finding calmer waters.

I also found out I need another bike, one with more than 15 gears. We went on a 14 mile bike ride and I ended up walking the bike back uphill almost one mile on the return trip. My 15 speed bike just couldn't make it. Now I know this because I'm sure it could not have been me! I have done some checking with a local bike shop and they do assure me that a 21 speed bike has a much lower gear for going uphills. Luckily no one got a picture of me.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Hey, you're catching up fast. You look really good bowling - forget the long hard biking.