Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bandara, It should be called the Dance Capital of the World

In the past, I had come to Bandera in April for the All Singles Dance Rally, but this year I decided to experience Bandera for the winter.  Well, it was everything I expected and more.  Thanks to Terry and Jim, I was introduced to some of the locals (who by the way, are the friendliest people I have ever met).  There is dancing and live music here almost every night.  Below are just a few of the places I go to on a regular basis.
Arky Blues Silver Dollar Saloon.

11th Street Cowboy Bar.  I especially love that this kid is exposed to dancing early.  And also, who says having kids has to curb your activities?  It certainly didn't stop this couple from going out and having a good, without the cost of a babysitter, too.

Quihi Gun Club and Dance Hall was established in May 1890 and is the oldest German Social Clubs in Medina County.  This is not the original building.  Built in the crook where two river meet, the original building was washed away in a flood.  It was enlarged and raised above the known flood level in 1960.  In the flood of 2010, this building had 2 feet of water inside.

Currently, they have dances 2x a month.  

It is very family oriented.  You will see lots of kids and I was especially surprised at how many teens were there.  But it is a wonderful, wood dance floor.

Next to Skyline Ranch RV Park is the Wild Horse Saloon.  Every Saturday from 4-8 they have a live band.

Not as fancy a dance floor as Quihi, but just as much fun.  It's amazing how good a concrete dance floor becomes with enough dance wax or cornmeal.

The other local dance place is Longhorn Saloon.  Popular every Thursday and Sunday evenings with local Gary Wright and his band.

Chicken Coop has music on weekends, but is smaller and can't hold the crowds like some of the other places.  Plus the dance floor is an old wooden floor that rivals Gruene Dance Hall for being the most unlevel.

A weekly schedule is published with the upcoming activities, listing the local bands and where they are playing.  The weather hasn't been as warm as normal (like most everyplace else this year), and yes, we have had a few nights below freezing, but only 1 day was there ice and it was gone by noon.  Hopefully the cold weather is now gone.  The current forecast has the next 10 days in the 60s and 70s.  WooHoo!

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