Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Two Weeks in Tahlequah, OK

I stored my RV in Bandera, and drove my car back to Tahlequah in the middle of January.  My kids were headed to Africa for a medical mission and I was going to watch the grandkids for two weeks.  It was pretty cold most of the time, so we didn't get out much, but one Saturday we did go to the roller rink.
Yes, that's me with roller skates on.  And yes, I did skate.  In fact, I raced my grandson around the rink a few times, but I couldn't keep up with him.

My older grandson, Adrion, was on roller blades, but the youngest, Gavin, was on skates.  I think this might have been only Gavin's 2nd time on roller skates.

He got his face painted with black light paints.

They did the limbo on skates.  This is where the bar started.

Gavin doesn't even have to bend over at this point.

Adrion was one of three finalists.  They all made it under this bar, but no one made it under after they lowered it one more time.  

The day before I left it started snowing.  

5 hours later the ground and streets were covered with about 4-5 inches of snow and ice.  It wasn't looking good for me to head back to Bandera the next day.

In addition to the grandkids, they had just acquired this 9 week old, black mouth cur puppy named Taz.  See the size of those paws?

My kids returned from Africa safely and the snow and ice melted the next day enough that by noon I was on the road headed south.  I stopped on my way to visit friends in Waco, TX, but that's the next blog....

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