Monday, February 17, 2014

Although I have been to Bandera numerous times, I had never visited the local museum.  I'm glad I finally did.
It was built to showcase the western collection of Marvin Hunter, noted historian, journalist and author, who moved to Bandera in 1921.

A Martin Luther Bible, an original German translation, printed in the 1800s.

Mrs. Gordon was married to a Commander of Royal British Navy and traveled extensively throughout her life before settling in San Antonio as a widow.  She collected bells and after meeting Marvin Hunter, left her collection of over 400 bells to his museum.

There are two cabinets full of her bells. 

One of the first electrical curling irons.

I really am glad they have improved since this model.

More of Mrs. Gordon's collection of items from around the world.

I had never seen what raw oil looked like before.

An old hand-made baby incubator.

The museum, of course, had a collection of saddles and gear from the many cowboys which made Bandera the "Cowboy Capitol of the World".

To celebrate the town's heritage as cowboy town of cattle drives, there is a gunfight held in the town square on weekends.

Just down the road 13 miles is the town of Medina and it's famous Apple Store.  We caught them preparing one of their famous apple pies.  You can indulge in a piece of apple pie or an entire pie, apple cookies, apple struedel or apple turnovers as well as apple ice cream or apple butter.

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