Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Volunteering with the NOMADS

When I thought I was going to be working for Amazon in Coffeyville, KS (before my medical problems), I signed up for some disaster relief work in Bastrop, TX.  NOMADs, a Methodist associated volunteer group, was doing home rebuilding work in Bastrop, where a fire several years ago destroyed over 1400 homes and businesses.
The first project I spent the week painting.

This home had been entirely built by volunteers.  By the time I arrived the only thing left to do was the painting inside and some final trim work.

The next week's project I spent laying two rooms of laminate flooring.  It was actually fun.  My two weeks volunteer work was over before I realized.

My last evening the group went out to dinner.

There were some frigid days while I was there.  This man had a fountain in his front yard which created some really wild ice sculptures.

I also enjoyed the crazy wire sculptures in the area.  How would you like Big Bird to hold your mailbox?

This wire scarecrow was located in the garden.

Using an old plow, it looked like some alien from outer space was holding this group of mailboxes.

So all too soon it was time to move on.

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