Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Break visit from my grandkids

Usually I travel to where my kids live, but this time, they flew out to visit me.  Well, it was quite a week with 2 additional adults and 2 kids in my RV.  Thankfully, Sam was next to me with his RV and my grandson, Adrion, could bunk over there with his Uncle Sam.
Yes, this is going to be a lot pictures of my grandkids for the next few blogs.  Here is Aaron, my son, Gavin, on the left, and Adrion, on the right, my grandsons.

And Grandma with Adrion and Gavin.

We tried to hike to Wind Cave, but didn't make it.

Those little 3 year old legs just got to tired.

Besides, this was Gavin's preferred method of travel, but in places the trail was steep enough that it was dangerous for Aaron trying to keep his balance with Gavin perched on his shoulders.

I think we made it about halfway, though, before calling it quits and heading back home.  Besides, it was awfully hot that day.

The next day we headed to the zoo.  The grandkids loved all the animal statues located throughout the zoo.

Adrion fighting with a some kind of tusked pig.

And Gavin riding on the lion.

Adrion relaxing with the elephants.  Five years ago, Adrion actually got to ride on some elephants when we were in Malaysia at an elephant refuge.

Gavin really enjoyed milking this cow.

But I think they enjoyed the water fountains most of all.  

Gavin says, "The water was just here, I know it here somewhere, now where is it?"

They even got to feed the Manta Rays.  You buy some fish, cup your hand around the fish with the tail sticking up and hold your hand under the water.  The Manta Ray will swim over it and suck up the fish right out of your hand.  I found out Manta Rays mouths are on the underside of their bellies, not up front like it looks.

And of course there had to be a ride on the Merry-go-round.


Diana said...

LOVE Gavin on the lion!!! But those are stingrays, not manta rays....

ladynomad said...

My bad. It is stingrays. In fact, the exhibit is called 'Stingray Bay'.

Barbara and Ron said...

Are there any live animals at that zoo?

ladynomad said...

Yeah, a few live animals, but they weren't as fun to photograph as my grandkids.