Monday, April 29, 2013

More SI Dance Rally

Always one of the highlights of the dance rally is Wednesday evening at the 11th Street Bar.
Look there, Max has a seat belt on so he doesn't fall off.  

Our favorite Cajun, Chuck, is helping the band with his washboard sounds.

I discovered the panoramic mode on my android.  Now you can see the entire scene.

It is a 'burn your own' night.  You bring your own meat and buy a plate from the bar which has salad, baked potato and roll. 

Since Ronnie isn't playing here, he and Teri get to enjoy the music and dance.

I guess 'real cowboys' ride their horses into town for the evening.

Some people like lots of horses when they are riding, some like just one.

Every bar has its own bar dog.

Chuck waiting to get his boots polished.

One evening is usually reserved for dressing up.  I really enjoyed wearing this lovely dress, but it was too long to dance in. 

The Ricky Adams Band also provided music during the rally.  Dance lessons during the day and live music at night.  What more could you ask for?

The three tenors?  Maybe not.

The ladies all like to get up and dance with the band.  I think the band calls us 'the irritations'.

One day some of us wandered down to Guene, TX, for lunch at the old mill.

And then we went next door to Gruene Hall for some music.

Live music at the Longhorn Saloon in Bandera.

Longhorn's bar dog like to dance too.

There's still more.....

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Barbara and Ron said...

You look especially lovely in your dressy dress.