Wednesday, April 24, 2013

San Tan Flats

The end of their stay was at hand.  Tomorrow morning I was to take them to the airport for their flight home.  The week went all too fast.  So, to end the stay I took them out to dinner at San Tan Flats, one of my favorite places.  Max and his son, Mike and his wife Chris and their kids joined us.
The large pile of wood for the pit fires.  You get your own wood and the staff will light the fire for you.  They have the empty sysco boxes for you to fill up.  The kids enjoyed filling up the boxes and they were even charging a quarter before the staff stopped them.  

Carter and his girlfriend.



Holly and Gavin

Aaron and Gavin

Carter and Cheyenne playing pool with Aaron and Sam looking on.

Grandma and Gavin, but Gavin had decided he didn't want to dance anymore.

Aaron and Holly

Max and Chris
A wonderful way to end a great week, the evening spent with loving friends and family.

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