Thursday, April 25, 2013

Delays in Mesa

I had planned on leaving Mesa right after my last doctor appt on Apr 2.  But several days before, as I was getting work done on the dash a/c on my RV, someone noticed I had a flat tire on the rear passenger side of the RV.  So heading to Big O Tires, I had them come out and inspect the tire and sadly the outcome wasn't good.  It looked as if the Goodyear RV Tire, which wasn't quite 5 years old, was starting to have serious sidewall cracks and otherwise coming apart.  Too old for any warranty and not wanting to put a new tire with three older ones, I opted for 4 new rear tires (my front having been replaced only a year ago).  So I scheduled this work to be done on Monday, Apr 1, since I had to move out the RV park that day anyway.
Well, you know how things go.  As they pulled the tires off they noticed my brake pads were worn down to nothing and the rotors had numerous, hundreds of cracks all around.  And as many of you know, workhorse parts are not always kept on hand and the rotors would have to be shipped.  Three more days delay on my schedule.

What made me angry over this whole ordeal was the fact Sands Chevrolet in Glendale did not say anything about needing or even considering having my rotors turned and new brake pads when they were doing some workhorse brake caliper recall work only 15,000 miles before.  The guy doing my brake work at Big O said there was no way I wore these brake shoes down to nothing in just 15,000 miles.  Well, I wasn't real happy with Sands Chevrolet at the time and now I know I'll never go back there.
Big O was great.  I was parked behind the building and they provided me with electricity while I was waiting.  Just as soon as the parts arrived they got them on and tried to get me on my way, but on no.  More problems.  I had been having an issue with the anti-lock brake light on my dash coming on, so I had Big O check it out.  The diagnostic machine showed the right rear sensor wasn't working.  (Sands Chevrolet had told me to ignore this light, it didn't mean anything).  Just to be on the safe side I had the sensor replaced.  Another day delay, but finally, everything seems to be working and I'm on my way, only four days later than I thought.  Now it's a rush to get to the SI Singles Dance Rally in Bandera, TX, before it starts.  

The nice thing about the delay?  I got to have breakfast with my friend, Donna (Cookie), before I left.

P.S.  My anti-brake light came on again before reaching Bandera.  But, I did get to Bandera before the rally started.
I'll deal with the anti-lock brake issue later.  Talking to several more technicians at authorized Workhorse repair facilities, they assured me there was no danger and I was safe if I ignored the light.  It just means the anti-lock system isn't functioning, but my brakes are working just fine.
Next blog:  Dance Rally in Bandera

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