Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Snow in Apache Junction

I know others have already posted their pictures of the "snow" in the area, but I'm still posting the ones I took on Sunday morning before it all melted away.
I'm staying behind the Moose Lodge in Apache Junction and here is what the cars looked like after the ice pellet storm. No, it wasn't snow, and it wasn't hail. When I lived in Colorado we called it 'ice pellets'. It looked like hail, but was soft, not hard.

We drove out Hwy 88 towards the Elks Lodge and here was a view of the Superstition Mountains covered in Snow. Yes, this was the real thing, snow. The weatherman had predicted snow down to the elevation of around 2000 feet and Apache Junction is 1752 feet officially (according to their sign). A pretty site, but it was all gone the next day.

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