Sunday, March 27, 2011

Next stop, Roswell, NM

The drive towards Roswell took us through Ruidoso Downs, NM, home of a famous racetrack. The racing doesn't start until May 27, so nothing much was going on at the track, but just down the street were a couple of museums.

We were too early to visit the museum and we decided not to wait around, but outside they have a few lifesize statues of horses.

Across the street was the Billy the Kid Visitor Center. I would have liked to seen what they have, but they too were closed. But I did get my picture with Billy.
Everything in Roswell revolves around aliens. They even make the sno-cones.

I had been to the museum before, so I spent most of the time watching one of their UFO movies in the video room while the others wandered through the museum.

I didn't know Zone II Alien Headquarters was located in Roswell. Did you?

I liked this bronze statue out front of the museum.

And I even made a few new alien friends.
And another new friend.
And another. I would say the aliens in town were very friendly and even let me get my picture taken with them.

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