Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finally-Leaving Arizona

After being in Arizona for the better part of the last 5 months, I am ready to head on. So on towards Bandera, TX, I go. I have almost 2 weeks before the SI's Single Dance Rally in Bandera begins, so along with Max and a couple of other friends, we are doing some sightseeing along the way.

Joyce, Patty, and myself with Fancy taking a pose with Rex Allen.

For those who don't remember, Rex Allen was a famous singing cowboy and he was from Willcox, AZ, which is where we stayed the first night on the road. The town is small, the main drag is only a couple of blocks long. There are several museums and another claim to fame is the store on the corner which has the location marked where Wyatt Earp's brother was killed.

We were only here one afternoon, but last year I spent a week visiting the town. To read more about my adventures last year check out March of 2010. There are several blogs of my time spent in this area.

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