Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thanksgiving in OKC

I got to have Thanksgiving with my family in Oklahoma City.  Byron and his family just moved into a new home in Tuttle, and graciously invited us all to his house.
Fried turkey.  Looks ready to me.

This was the finger foods before the dinner.

Carving the fried turkey and the smoked turkey.  No traditional baked turkey for us.

I believe we had 23 sitting down for dinner.  I am truly blessed with such a wonderful family.

Of course, after all that food, it was rest, naps and football.  (actually, it was preparing for the shopping later that evening)

When nothing else was happening, it was Trivial Pursuit.

And an arm wrestling challenge.

Riley built her gingerbread train.

And later had her cousins to help her finish decorating.

I guess we had too much turkey on Thanksgiving, because there were no leftover dinners for this group.  Friday evening it was chili and cajun bean soup, Saturday it was wings.

On Friday I took my four grandkids to the Oklahoma Science Museum. 

But before we left, Colin found he could earn a little cash by racking all those leaves.

Caitlin was showing me her new birthday scooter.

At the museum, one of the favorite places it the water pits.  They are supposed to be learning how water flows and how dams work, but I think they just like getting wet.

And the large bubble wand is fun too.

Rachel, Kenzi and Caitlin in the big, green tractor.

I think Colin is impressed with the moving dinosaur.

That is won large cockroach he is holding.

Kenzi had to hold it too.

What can I say.  Don't I just have the greatest family!

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