Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Unexpected Stay in Wichita

For those that have wondered why I haven't been blogging, it's because I haven't been doing a lot of traveling lately.  Instead, I've spent the last two months in Derby, KS, a suburb of Wichita.  Catching up a little, some things changed for me this summer and I decided to head back to Kansas and take a seasonal, part-time job with Amazon in Coffeyville.  I stopped on my way in Wichita to visit some friends.  while I was there the heart problems I have been dealing with for the past year caused me to end up in the ER (for the second time in 10 days), so I decided maybe I ought to stay and check things out further.  Well, after wearing a heart monitor and seeing several specialists, I went in for a heart ablation on Nov 5.  It wasn't as successful as they would have liked, but with my medication, it does seem to keep my tachycardia under control.  Since I have been here for an extended period of time, I did find things to keep me busy.  Here are a few of the pictures of what I have been doing here in Wichita.

I found the Wichita Swing Dance Society (WSDS) has Sunday evening dances.  They dance to music from the big band era and there is a lot of lindy hop as well as east coast swing dancing.  And surprising, its mostly the younger crowd.

The local recreation centers have dances almost every night of the week and have a live band, mostly country and oldies.

But they did have a fun Halloween dance.

I was even runner up in the costume contest.

Harry Ree's Dance Studio also has a Sunday evening dance.  I didn't dress up for this one, but there were a lot who did. has dance lessons on Monday evening and they did sponsor a dance at the local Moose Lodge on Saturday evenings, until the Moose Lodge closed its doors for good.

Derby even had snow back on Oct 18.  That should have been a forewarning of what was to come.
Rose Hill, a small bedroom community nearby, has this great display of metal art.

And this is where I have been parked for the last two months.  Joe and Connie have this large circle drive with a 30 amp elec.  Fancy gets to visit with their cats on a daily basis, and she gets a large back yard to run in.  She's going to miss it when we leave.

My time is drawing to a close here.  I have one more follow up doctor appt in a couple of weeks, then I am out of here.  It has been cold, cold, cold here.  Down in the single digits at night and not forecast to be above freezing for the next week.  Thank goodness Winnebago's claim to have heated basements is true.  No frozen pipes.  But my furnace did go out last week and I had to have a circuit board replaced.  It's been nice, but I'm ready to hit the road again.

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