Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The rest of the dance rally

Ron and Patty were on their way back to Arizona and stopped by for a few days.  Here they stopped by at one of the dances.

The Purple Team

The Green Team

Liz and the Red Team entertained one afternoon with an after Easter fashion parade.

Several people did not recognize me in my costume.

There was no doubt that Ralph was the hit of the fashion parade as he modeled his girly outfit.  

All of the fashion parade got together for a photo.

The Red Team

The afternoon of the Mardi Gras we even had a Mardi Gras Parade.   Tom was the MC for the event.

The Crewe of RVIOUS threw out bundles of beads to the audience and parade watchers.

The Crewe after the parade was over.

Judy P. caught the most beads.

The Blue Team

On Saturday we heard they were having crawfish at this deli on Medina Lake.

Yum....4 pounds of crawfish.

Here everyone is chowing down.

The dance rally is over and everyone has gone their separate ways.  Some will meet up again throughout the year, while others will go home for the summer, not to be seen again until next winter or the next years dance rally.   Safe travels to all until we meet again.

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