Monday, April 9, 2012

Down on the River-All Singles Dance Rally

The dance rally always starts with a picnic down at the river.

This year was brats and hotdogs with all the trimmings.

And now we are all ready for the entertainment.

The champion trick roper was back and entertaining he most certainly was.  I don't know how he get this horse to stand still while he is twirling that rope around.  He even jumps over the rope while standing on top of his horse.  That is one well trained horse.

He is just as good roping on the ground and doing tricks too.

His final act is roping one of our ladies, then proceeding to make her believe he is going to break the spaghetti she is holding in her mouth with his bullwhip.  He is really good with the bullwhip, but doesn't really take any risks.  But he sure made a believer out of Linda.

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