Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oklahoma to Arizona

Although we took our time traveling from Oklahoma to Arizona, we only stopped to explore in 2 locations.
Winslow, AZ, was made famous after the 'Eagles' released the song Take it Easy, with the lyrics of 'standing on the corner in Winslow, AZ'. Of course, Winslow was also on the original Route 66 highway too.

So here I am, standing on the corner in Winslow, AZ.

But the La Posada Resort is also in Winslow. Originally built by the Fred Harvey Company along the Santa Fe Railway lines, it was designed by Elizabeth Jane Coulter. Fred Harvey and his Harvey Girls (of which they made a movie starring Judy Garland) was said to have 'civilized the west' by the development of hotels and restaurants along the rail lines and for providing job opportunities for women in the west.

Although Coulter, an employee of Fred Harvey Company, designed many of the buildings at Grand Canyon, she always considered La Posada in Winslow as her masterpiece.

When we came out of the hotel, this large gun (Max says it was a 65mm howitzer) was sitting on a trailer along with ammo. We talked to the owner who had just come from a shooting competition.

But before we got to Arizona, we stopped in Acoma, NM, to visit the Sky City. Still inhabited by 3000 this city on top of the plateau has a long and interesting history. On an Indian reservation, it is only accessible with a guide.

This window still has the original 6 inch thick mica instead of glass.

This ladder allows entry into one of the kiva's, which are still used by the men in the village.

There was no way to access the plateau except by foot until John Wayne decided to film one of his movies there, so they built a road. Those living here have no electricty, or running water. They heat with propane or wood.

We took the original path back down the mountain when we left.

There is the story that the plateau off in the distant was the original settlement, but a bad storm, maybe an earthquake destroyed the only access, so they moved and settled in the current location. I would highly recommend stopping and exploring this attraction if you ever get a chance.

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