Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nascar at Phoenix International Raceway

Sunday, November 7, found us in a line of approximately 500 RVs, 5th wheels, trailers and popups, all waiting for entry into PIR (Phoenix International Raceway). We talked to some people about number 3 in line and asked how long they had been there. They said, 'almost two weeks'. Some people must have no life at all.....
The next morning they started letting people and by noon we were set up for the week.
It's pretty empty right now.........
But by Thursday it had a few more people in the campground.

The Marlboro exhibit offered the opportunity to ride with a professional driver in a new mustang on a small track. One lap around and then you drifted the next 3 laps. We were checking the place out trying to find out how to get a chance for a ride when a woman, De Anne Dwight, came up and asked if one of us (Max or I) wanted to be their guest for a ride. At first I thought she was kidding, but when I realized she wasn't, Max told me 'go for it'.

The ride lasted only minutes, but what a ride......

De Anne Dwight, her husband Jeff, his father and me, before the ride.

There are always the unusual. Here they rented a 28 ft u-haul to carry all the stuff out for their tail gate party. You can see the large BBQ grill and they had a large patio table (iron and glass) with chairs, 2 bars and enough firewood to have bonfires every evening.

This was the Royal Ride car, a mix of look-a-like Rolls Royce front end merged with a VW Beetle to make the limo.

Side View.

And of course, there were the shopping cart races in the evenings. Max's son and grandson had a good run and won.

And I even found a place to dance at the Camper Appreciation Night Event at the Speed Cantina.

Max got to sit in his favorite driver's seat. Jimmie Johnson, you better watch out!

We never did find out who the tire treads belonged to.....

We went to the truck race which was held Friday night under the lights.

But it was bright and sunny Sunday afternoon for the big race. And the stadium was full.

Here they go.......

And the winner was.....Carl Edwards, car 99.

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