Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lake Havasu on Halloween

I was glad to get back to Arizona in time to join my friends in Lake Havasu over Halloween weekend. Here are some of the things we did.
Any time you get a group of WINs together you're likely to find us dancing somewhere. Here we are at the Eagles Lodge in Lake Havasu dancing the night away.

But we also had the WIN Olympics. Here we are with the water balloon toss.

Oops, I think the balloon burst.

Next was the relay races in the pool.

And here we had to use our nose to move the pumpkin across the pool.

And Max is happy he was able to hold his breath the longest for that contest.

And then everyone tried to outdo the other in making the biggest splash.

All the winners!

One morning some of us learned how to play bocce ball.

We saw this v-8 motor with a seat on top. Wouldn't that be fun to ride.!

We shuttled some kayakers to the marina at the start of Topak Gorge. I've never seen anyone advertise they were the 'worst' at something.

Some of the kayakers preparing to launch. The boat ramp doesn't look that bad to me.

But the highlight of the rally was the Halloween Costume Party. Here is one of the most ingenious costumes, completely made from walmart bags. Claudia, what an imagination you have.

We had a lot of witches.....

The winners of the costume contest.

Most interesting about Diane is she actually shoots black powder and made this costume herself. It's real leather.

And more dancing.

And of course, games, like passing the orange....

And some even transformed during the party.....

to this.....

Needless to say, we all had fun in Lake Havasu for Halloween.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Thanks for the great costume pictures. You look very cute!