Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oklahoma in October

After returning from Italy, I was back in Oklahoma finishing up business there so I could get back on the road. But I had time to spend with my grandkids. I took them to the zoo one Saturday.
Caitlin is practicing her driving.

Carter was showing off his balance skills.

Colin enjoyed the ropes too.

And Cale was good at balancing as well.

After spending some time at the playground at the zoo, we boarded the train.

And then we headed to the petting zoo.

Cale wanted to get up close and personal with this sheep.

And Colin was resting with the goat.

But they especially liked climbing on the ostrich.

The next week I took my adopted granddaughters to the zoo. They liked climbing on the mountain gorillas. And I have to tell what happened while visiting the primate exhibit. All of a sudden there were zoo handlers running around, some with dart guns and then they told us we would have to evacuate the area. It seems they have an escape artist chimpanzee. No, he didn't actually escape his exhibit, but he did get down in the moat area and could possibly have found his way out. And this was not his first time either. Several weeks earlier when he first got down in the moat they evacuated the entire zoo, not just the primate area.

But then Max flew in to help me finish getting things done so I could leave. He never envisioned how much work I had in store for him. I could never have gotten the house cleaned so quickly without his help. But he did catch me hard at work mopping the floors.

OK, now the house is painted and cleaned up and ready to be put up for sale. Anyone interested in an 1800 sq ft manufactured home on .5 acre on Lake Eufaula?
My son, Sam, out back still trying to figure out what he wants to take and what is going to be trashed. We actually had to return a few days later and load another u-haul trailer to empty out the shed. But then everything was done. I locked the door and left the keys for the realtor.

Back in Oklahoma City we were down near the capital and Max visited the old wooden oil well exhibit. Oklahoma's capital is known for its working oil wells on capital grounds.

We also visited the site of the Murrah Building Bombing.

Then down to the riverwalk area where there is a memorial honoring those who participated in the Oklahoma Land Run in 1889 and 1894.

It looks like these land run participants are headed towards the old cotton gin, now a premier indoor climbing venue.

And finally lunch at Toby Keith's. Did you know more country music stars come from Oklahoma than any other state? Let's see, Toby Keith of course, then there is Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood, Vince Gill, Woody Guthrie, Gene Autry and Roy Clark are just a few.

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