Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Van Horn, TX

Since 2002, every time I travel I-10 through west Texas, I stop at Van Horn. I have always before spent the night in the parking lot of Chuy's Restaurant, which was made famous by John Madden. In short, John Madden, since he travels by RV, always stops and spends the night in Chuy's parking lot and there have been tv shows and magazine articles about Madden's friendship with Chuy and how Chuy has created a 'John Madden Hall of Fame' inside the restaurant. But with the temperatures forecast for 28 degrees and an even colder wind chill, I chose to find an RV park. El Campo RV park has full hookups and was only $16. This is also the first time I have gotten into town while there was still time to do a little sightseeing, so after setting up, I got out and drove around town.

I really want to take a ride in this, but not today. Too cold.

This is the Clark Hotel, first built as the Cox Building in 1901 it has functioned in many capacities. After housing various buisinesses, from 1912-1914 it served as the courthouse. By 1920 it was bought by Fred Clark and turned into the Clark Hotel, which it remained until the 1970s.

This bar has sat in the building since the early 1900s when one of the businesses this building housed was a saloon. Even though the citizens voted the county dry in 1918, Fred Clark chose to keep the bar when he built his hotel. It made for a great conversation piece. I was told by the lady at the museum (now the old Clark Hotel building houses the towns museum) the bar itself was built in England and shipped to Van Horn. I can't find any info to verify her story, but that just makes it all the more intriguing.

This eagle is made from various sizes of arrowheads.

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