Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Caverns of Sonora

I had heard from Diana and Max about these caverns, so I detoured just a little so I could check them out. After arriving about 3pm, I found I could still get in on a tour. My tour guide was Scott and I was the only one on his tour. As we talked I found out this was the same Scott who guided Phil and Diana, and the same Scott who gave the tour to Max. Scott is a workkamper who was at the Caverns last spring, and only arrived again for this season a few weeks ago. He is also not the only tour guide, so the chances of all of us getting the same tour guide has got to be slim to none, but it happened.

In all the caves I have toured I have never seen as much cave coral as I saw on this tour.

Cave coral even covered the stalagtites. Cave coral is just calcium/limestone deposits. Like Scott said, think limestone deposits in your bathtub.

Now this looked more like a huge geode, but was just more cave coral.

These were the longest, skinniest soda straws I've ever seen.

I can't remember what he called this, but it is the only kind of formation in caves which can form under water.

I saw this and immediately thought, spiny urchin!

Aliens or a huge jellyfish?

A perspective on the size of some of the formations.

I thought this was one of the prettier formations.

Only an 8th of an inch apart. Maybe in another 50-100 years or so it will become a column.

The witch's hat.

And finally on the way out, in the belly of the whale. My guide, Scott, seems really interested in something on the wall. Truly, if you ever travel past Sonora, stop and visit the caverns.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Great pictures of the caverns. I was there years ago before the butterfly broke. It's still my favorite cavern.