Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Louisville area pictures.

Although we were only in the Louisville area for a week, we sure did a lot. I had more pictures than I realized, so here are the pictures of places we saw outside of Louisville.
A few people took a break and rode the go carts.
We had quite a group at Grandma's RV Park in Shepherdsville, KY.

In Bardstown we had lunch at this 200 year old tavern. It has been a place for food, drink and lodging continuously for over 200 years.

The visitor center and city office building in the middle of town square.

This old jail house was built in 1797 and operated as a jail until 1987. I wonder what that guy is locked up for?

Heaven Hill Distillery warehouse. Notice the color. Only Makers Mark paints theirs a dark brown. They say it is so they don't have to wash off the black mold, like above.

Inside the warehouse.

More horses in Bardstown.

City Hall in Elizabethtown town square.

Many of these little towns have a roundabout circling the town square. (Maybe it should be town circle?)

The characters from our guided walk around Elizabethtown, circa 1850s.

General Custer and a local lawyer of the times.

Ft. Duffield overlooking the Ohio River.

The cobblestone Louisville-Nashville Turnpike built in 1839, West Point, KY. This was a major stagecoach route through this area along the Ohio River.

Old church, established in West Point in 1789.

Stagecoach stop, built in 1797. Still in use today as a bed and breakfast. I think there were over 20 homes listed on the National Register as historic places, many over 200 years old. I wonder how many buildings from today will still be standing in 200 years.

Abraham Lincoln was born south of Elizabethtown. Built in a similar fashion as Lincoln's memorial, it houses a replica of the cabin he was born in.

The birthplace of Abraham Lincoln.

The bridge on I-65 crossing the Ohio River in Louisville.

Another bridge crossing the Ohio River in Louisville.

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Kim said...

I love these pictures. I've always wanted to travel across the country and take pictures. Just beautiful!