Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Louisville area pictures

Dam and power plant on the Ohio River.
Lock on the Ohio River.

There were many horses like this in the Louisville area. I took pictures of 19, Wanda got over 22 and only a few were the same. I don't know how many there really are but I know a lot.
Another pretty horse downtown.

And they actually have real horses too.
The Louisville Slugger Ball Field.

The Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory.

Out front is a bronze plaque and bat for many famous ball players. Above is Babe Ruth's.

Here is a worker putting the label on the bat.

Next door this was on the side of the building.

Churchhill Downs. First time lady luck didn't work for me, I lost every race.

And the winner is......

Fireworks over the Ohio River.

Makers Mark warehouse. Notice the color.

A new charred, white oak barrel. One of the requirements for Bourbon.

Mash tub. Gallons and gallons of fermenting grains.

The almost 5 story still.

See the liquid flowing in the center of the glass viewing tube. That is 'white dog'. It's only moonshine when there is no license and it's illegal.

Samples after the tour!

The Belle of Louisville where we whiled away the afternoon, on the old steam paddlewheel boat, down the Ohio River.

They actually played this authentic caliope. Only it was mounted on the top deck instead the second deck when it was originally installed over 100 years ago.
Markings of how high the flood got in 1937.


Barbara and Ron said...

Ah, there's Churchill Downs - it sure is pretty.

Brad and Barb said...

Judy, looks like you're having fun. We are about ready to start our adventure. Email me, I have a couple of questions. Thanks!!