Thursday, July 23, 2009

Martins Station

Martin's Station was located just miles from Cumberland Gap. It became a stopping point, supply point and way station for those heading for the gap. It had to be abandoned on and off because of Indian raids, but for many years was the lone outpost before crossing the gap.

We had the opportunity to see a primative blacksmith pour a brass mold. He first made the mold using sand. Then he heated the brass and poured it into the mold.
After letting it cool he took the mold apart.

And here is the brass piece. It will eventually be polished and beat into some plates for a handmade rifle.

Some of us biked over to the station which was about 8 miles each way from the campground. The first part of the path was through the woods.

The fort was not really very large. Most of the buildings were actually located outside the fort.

The bikers.

The bike trail was beautiful. We even biked underneath and old covered bridge.

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