Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lexington pictures

I thought Transylvania was in Europe, but here's the University.
I just love these old homes back east, oh wait a minute, the people out east think this is west!

An old church.
Mary Lincoln Todd's childhood home.

They just love statues of horses in Kentucky.

The stables for the horse farms around here are fancier than any home I ever lived in.

I never did figure out why they have the double fences. If anyone knows, please comment and share it with me.

Johnston's Inn, built before 1784. It was a tavern and stagecoach stop from 1796 though 1812. It is now a private residence.

I even got to go to Paris. Paris, KY, that is.

Another tavern, circa 1788.

Another unique building in Paris.
This new stable is still being built just outside of Paris. If this is the stable, I sure would love to see the house!

The Kentucky Horse Farm. Outside of one of many of their barns and pastures.

The indoor arena had the vaulting championships going on. This was the compulsory class. I'm reminded of gymnastics on top of a moving horse.

This frisky fella wanted out.

There are several shows put on daily. Here is a demonstration of horse jumping.

This was a show about the different breeds and where they came from. Everyone got dressed up accordingly.


Barbara and Ron said...

Hey! I'm from the East and I don't consider Kentucky to be in the West. I didn't see those horse statures - pretty cool.

firesign58 said...

Kentucky was the West in Dan'l Boone's time. It was the frontier.

They have double fences because it keeps the horses "in" and passersby "out". These are high dollar horses and they are also smart and also very athletic. If they get a mind to get out, they can get a running start and clear a single fence. But the double fence puts a stop to that because they can't clear them both and then can't get the momentum to clear the second element.

firesign58 said...

Oh, and if you wonder why a horse would try to clear a fence - these are breeding farms, and they have stallions. And mares. Stallions can't be with other horses and they tend to fight through fences. if there is a mare on the other side of a single fence....well, 'Nuff said.