Thursday, April 23, 2015

Quartzsite 2015

Immediately upon arrival in Arizona, I headed to D & R Family RV where Ron Wicklund, Stewart and Shawn would put on solar panels for me.  I was only there for one day, then it was off to Quartzsite where many of my friends in the WINs and the SOLOs were having gatherings.

On one of my trips to town I stopped by one of the more popular watering holes.

Here, Joyce and I enjoyed a cool one, 

as we listened to some music.

And, I ran into some longtime friends, Al and Lyn and others from the SOLOs.

Back at the WIN gathering, we were getting ready for our circle, our happy hour and announcements every afternoon.

One night the SOLOs had a desert dance with live music and a dance floor.

On Saturday many of us headed to the Desert Bar, where it is powered only by solar.

Looking out over the entire complex.  It has expanded quite a bit since I first came here about 8 years ago.

Our group picture.  A good time was had by all with lots of dancing and great company.

As we left, several of us stopped by Roadrunners floating bar for supper.

Every morning I would walk Fancy in the desert.  As I looked back this was the site of where we were parked.

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