Friday, April 24, 2015

More Adventures in Arizona

These are some of the continuing adventures during my stay in Arizona.  After Quartzsite, I returned to Apache Junction and moved into Silver Spur RV Park for a month or so.  During that time, the Superbowl came to town.  Lots of activities were going on all around the Phoenix area.  In the downtown, it was called the NFL Experience.  Max and I took the light rail into town one Saturday to see what it was about.  The activities inside required tickets, which we didn't want to purchase, so we wandered around, listening to the outside bands, getting free pizza from Poppa John's, and just overall enjoying the afternoon.  

At one corner we saw this young man playing the fiddle.  What was so amazing was what he was doing.  He would start playing a simple tune (which we found out later he was recording).  Then he would stop, start the recorded tack and play another tune at the same time.  Each time he was recording an additional track onto what he already had played.  Here is just a small sample.

One weekend there was a car show in Fountain Park in Fountain Hills.

The fountain goes off for about 10 minutes every hour on the hour.

Mid February saw the WINs gather at Phon D Sutton Recreation Area on the Salt River, just north of Mesa.  They were there for 10 days and we had lots of organized activities.  One day the group took a hike out to Massacre Trail.  One or two of the people were not familiar with the desert and hadn't seen the chain fruit cholla cactus before.

We never did find the Massacre cave, but we did climb to the top of this saddle.

Rather than hike back the way we came, we headed across to this formation west of us.

As we got closer, we saw people were rock climbing.

Another evening the group headed to Organ Stop Pizza, famous for entertaining you on this organ while you dine.  The organ is on a pedestal which ascends from beneath the floor when it is time for the show.

Nearby was Usary Park and the Wind Cave Trail.  Not a long hike, but relatively steep.  Here the trail has just reached the base of the mountain.

Most of us made it in time for a group picture.  Several were watching for wildlife and were rewarded by seeing a desert tortoise.  Sorry, no picture since I didn't see it, although I did see pictures.

Most of the group turned around and headed back down the trail.  Officially the trail ended here at the cave.  But there were a few who were more adventurous and decided to keep going to the top.  Here they are at the top of the mountain (basically, on where the cave is).

An early blooming cactus.

The trail to the top was more like scrambling than hiking and it was tougher coming down than going up.

And this was there only casualty for the climb.  My hats go off to you!

The different colors of strata on the rocks was beautiful.

And of course, if you are in the area with a group, you just have to drive bulldog canyon.  Located behind locked gates in the Tonto National Forest, you have to get a permit and the code for unlocking the gates.  Some years it is really just a nice scenic rough road, and other years it truly is 4-wheel only.  I know my Chevy HHR wouldn't have made it.

Most were in 4-wheel drive vehicles, but Mike was in his side by side.

We had one 4-wheel drive truck and it was even a long wheel base, but it still made it through.  Here, Dave is going ahead spotting for Marty as he maneuvers through the deep ruts and over the rocks.

Filly's in Apache Junction has a live band outside every Saturday and Sunday, and you have to check it out if you are in the area.

Our group brought there own chairs and a good thing because they were packed.  Notice all the horses tied up behind where people have ridden in for a little music, dancing, food and beer.

The gathering is now over and everyone headed down the road except me.  Back I go to Silver Spur RV park, but there are more adventures to come.

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