Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My last month in Arizona

I always enjoy camping out at Phoenix International Raceway when I am in town during race week.
For $60 you can camp all week in the unreserved section.

We were pretty isolated early in the week, but it filled in as the weekend got closer.

We had several beautiful sunsets.

When you are not watching the races, you can watch these guys do stunts on their dirt bikes.   

And they had the Budweiser Clydesdale's there, too.

But my favorite time is the race.  As Michael Waltrip says, "Boogity, boogity, boogity, let's go racing".

During that week I had dinner with my grandson and his girlfriend.  We met at the Buffalo Wild Wings out by the Cardinal's stadium in Glendale.  As we arrived, we saw they were having a car show, which happens every Wednesday during the winter. It wasn't just a classic car show, they had some new cars and lots of corvettes, specialty cars and low riders and one car had over 20 TV screens of all sizes throughout the car. 

But we had to take a break to eat.  Next to me is my grandson, Joshua, and his girlfriend Caitlin, while across from me are Max's grandkids, Cooper and Carter.

I especially liked this car with the cut away and the light up engine.

I'm back in Mesa and it's St. Patrick's Day, so a trip to the Irish Cultural Center was on tap.  They had advertised live music and food and I assumed it was going to be Irish music, but the music was folk music, and although the food was traditional corned beef and cabbage, it didn't look so great, so we opted to go searching for something better.  But I did like the building which housed the Irish Cultural Center.  It is built like a castle and has a museum, gallery and library inside.

Back towards downtown, we found what we were looking for in front of Seaman McCaffrey's Irish Pub.  They had a tent set up with real Irish music.

And we found good Irish food.

And even a leprechaun.

Well, it's time to head to Texas and the SI Dance Rally in Bandera.    More on that in my next blog.

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