Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Headed back to Oklahoma

The summer is over and it's time to head back to Oklahoma.  But we did stop at Memphis and a trip down Beale Street.
I think Elvis is always performing, but that is only to be expected.  This is where he got his start.

He even came over and visited for a few minutes between sets.

There is music going in several places along Beale.  It is the home of the blues.

Since we both had already visited Elvis' home, we didn't tour it again.  So down the road we went, headed for a COE park on the Arkansas River, one we had stayed in before several years ago.  But unfortunately, it is now permanently closed, so we crossed the river and found a new COE park, Cherokee.

Nice spots right on the river. 
It's close enough to visit Woolverton Mountain, Little Rock, and Petit Jean State Park.

Remember the song 'Wolverton Mountain'?  It is about a real place and a real person.

The song was written by Clowers' nephew Merle Kilgore and first recorded and released by Claude King in 1962.

I think I prefer my kayak in the water.

Another day we ventured to Little Rock and to Pugh's Mill.

A restoration of the original 1832 mill, it was dedicated to Pugh's Mill Park in 1933, over a hundered years later.

It's in a bowl like area on a creek and I felt like I was in hobbitland because of all the bridges, and rock pathways and ornate tree shapes.
Such as this oversized mushroom bench seats.

And this bridge.

Here is a better shot of what the bridge looked like up close.  I think the creator of this place used real logs and covered them in cement of some sort.  But it was fascinating.

Another bridge.  Be sure and check this place out if you are ever in Little Rock.
Just outside of Little Rock on the Arkansas River is Pinnacle Mountain.

I think we chose the steep side to climb.  At one point, Fancy started slipping, her feet couldn't find any grip and Max had to catch her as she was sliding back down the slick rock.

But it was a wonderful view when we reached the top.  It was a 750 foot elevation from the base of the mountain.  You can also hike around the base of the mountain (it's a 3.5 mile hike), but we didn't have time.  Now we have a reason to return.

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