Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Phil and Diana found some info on this great drive, the Grand Canyon of Colorado and Snaggletooth.  It sounded wonderful.  It was beautiful, but not quite what we were expecting road wise.  We thought it would be a loop, go in at one place and drive out the other side, but that wasn't to be.  We were 15 miles in and met some atv'ers who cautioned us the road just got more narrow and rough.  They had gone 11 miles further than us and were still miles from coming to a main road.  At this point we decided to turn around and go back.  You see, out of the 15 miles, over 5 was some hard core 4-wheeling.  It took us about 4 hours to go that last 5 miles.  
The Dolores River in the Mountain Sheep Recreation Area.

This canyon is 1500 feet deep.

At times it was like going through a tunnel of trees.  Everyone not only got new desert pinstripes on their vehicles, but the kayaks too.

Time for lunch.

We all wondered what happened to this tree.  Every limb on it was crooked.

About 10 miles in and we come to the beginning of the 4-wheel drive part of the trip.  The guys are checking out the road and deciding which is the best way up.  They also did a fair amount of road building too.

The pyramid.  This was taunted in the write up as one of Colorado's best kept secrets.  It was a beautiful drive.

Once we started on the 4-wheel portion, it didn't stop for 5.4 miles.

But the view was great.

And no, this is not the same picture as above.  Look closely and you will see the rocks are different.

Again, they are checking out the road first.
Since we had stopped and filled in holes and rebuilt roads on the way in, once we turned around and headed back, it only took us 2 hours and 1 stop.
Just like Bilbo Baggins says, "You never know what adventures you will find when you step out of your door (paraphrased)".

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