Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chimney Rock Archaeological Area

About 2000 years ago the Puebloan People started to build villages along the San Piedro and San Juan Rivers.  All that we have left today are their ruins.
A Pit House in the Lower Village.  As many as 12-14 people would live in this house.

The Great Kiva in the Lower Village of the Puebloan People.  The people in the lower village gathered firewood, tended the fields and gathered crops.  Here at the Great Kiva, the men gathered to discuss what was happening.

They even built side rooms for work activities such as cooking and sewing.

If you believe the archeologists, these funny looking engraving on the rock are actually shrimp poop.  Yeah, really.  Left over from when this area was a great sea, long ago.

Even from the lower village, Chimney Rock is an imposing structure.

These people did not live in isolation, but were actually a part of a larger network of people, with the largest village at Chaco Canyon.  There is evidence that at least eight outlying villages interacted with Chaco Canyon.  They traded goods and food and had a system of communication and roads between the villages.  This overlooks the valley below Chimney Rock, where the fields of corn and beans would have been planted.  Today it is covered with pines.

On top of the mountain would have lived the elders, chiefs and shamans.  They would have been responsible for healing, watching the moon, stars and sun, and told the people when was the best time to plant.

It is believed these people used how the sun rose and set between Chimney Rock and Pinnacle Rock to determine the seasons and other information used in their daily lives.

Looking down at the Great House on top of the mountain.  It had not only a kiva, but many rooms.  Some of these rooms have been excavated and artifacts are on display down in the visitor center and at the University of Colorado.

I don't understand how they really know this, but supposedly these small areas were holding pens for their domesticated chickens and turkeys.
They say these Puebloan People did not disappear, but simply moved on about 1125 A.D.   Some moved towards Mesa Verde, some into Northeastern Arizona and others towards the Chama, NM, area.

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