Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mt. Evans

Mt. Evans, at over 14,000 feet, is not the highest mountain in Colorado, but you can drive to the very top and it is just outside Denver, so it is easy to get to.  From Idaho Springs it is about 24 miles.
I was thrilled to get to see Mountain Goats.  I had no idea just how many I would see this day.

We saw lots of babies.

From the parking lot it is just a short hike to the very top of the mountain.

These Mountain Goats were feeding just outside the restrooms in the parking lot.  They didn't seem to be concerned about all the people at all.

King of the Mountain

The Crest House, or Castle in the Sky.  Opened in 1941, it was the highest  structure in the world at 14,260 feet.  It served as a restaurant, gift shop and tourist attraction until a propane explosion destroyed it in 1979.  In 1992, the forest service started the repairs to stabilize the remaining structure and now it is an observation platform.

While standing, reading the sign on the wall, I was startled when this Mountain Goat jumped on the ledge above me.  I think he planned on jumping down where I was at, but I startled him as much as he startled me.

Officially at the top of Mt. Evans road.

But here we have climbed the path to the very top of the mountain.

As you can see, this survey marker says I am over 100 feet higher than the parking lot.

From the top you have a beautiful view of Summit Lake and the valley.

Looking back towards the parking lot, you can see the fog starting to settle in.   Evidently, the fog started rolling in every afternoon, and many you don't get there until later don't get the great views we had.

A Bristlecone Pine, considered to be the oldest species of tree in the world.  They are found in environmentally unfriendly places, where it is cold, windy and barren, yet they thrive, having adapted to these harsh conditions.

On the way back to Longmont, we drove over Lookout Mountain, outside of Golden, stopping at Buffalo Bill's Grave.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Love your King of the Mountain shot. I was trying for one just like that, but didn't quite get it.