Friday, August 3, 2012

Cheyenne Frontier Days Parades

There are 4 parades during the week of Cheyenne Frontier Days.  We were able to attend 2 of them.  Of course, the first parade of the week was the largest, but both were still fun to attend.  We were able to ride our bikes from the campground to the parade.  Some who did not ride bikes carried lawn chairs for those who did.  I just sat on the steps of the county building.  Being up higher than the sidewalk, I felt I could get a better view than streetside anyway.
People really got into the spirit of things.

Even the AF Academy Band was there.

They had all kinds of horses.  I thought these were kind of cute.

Cheyenne is a large hub for several trains, so of course they had to be represented in the parade.

The Indians were there too.

There were a number of stage coaches.

In addition to all the regular marching bands, there was the Bagpipers.  If Bob McCourt had been here, I'm sure he would have been out there with them.

I don't think I need to say anything about this picture.

Of course, there were lots of horses, but I love the draft horses and there were lots of them too.  Here was a beautiful matched team of six.

This lady and her horse were all decked out.  She looked more like she came from a medieval fair than the wild west.

And the saloons had to be represented.

There were many marching bands, some high school, even one from Calgary, but this was the Wyoming All State Marching Band, probably the largest.

There were tractors and old cars.

And lots of cowboys, after all, it was Cheyenne Frontier Days.

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