Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dancing and Eating while in staying in Longmont

It's terrible when you go somewhere and realize the camera is still sitting on the table back home.  That is what happened when we went to Grizzly Rose in north Denver, so I have no pictures of our experience there, but I will tell you a little about it.  
The Grizzly Rose opened in 1989, has over 40,000 sq ft with a 3200 sq ft floating wood dance floor, two mechanical bulls, a restaurant and a private banquet facility, a stage and of course, a bar.  They have been voted Country Club of the Year by the Country Music Association and have hosted such names as Garth Brooks,  Brooks and Dunn, Taylor Swift, Willie Nelson, Toby Keith and Chris Ledeux among many others. They provide live country music six nights a week and dance lessons several nights a week.  A group of us met there for their free dance lessons on Wednesday evening.  After the lessons, we stayed and danced to live music.  What an enjoyable evening with good friends.
Severance, CO, isn't much in the way of a town, but it does claim to be the home of Bruce's Bar and Grill.

And yes, we all went there to have Rocky Mountain Oysters (or at least some did). 

They did have cute murals.
And after our meal, we danced to live music.  Do we know how to have fun or what?

Once more, free dance lessons.  And tonight was the Cowboy Cha Cha, Denver style.  Many of us have learned to do a Cowboy Cha Cha which is a partner line dance which travels around the dance floor.  When several people are doing together, it is a beautiful dance.  But in Denver, they do it different.  So here was our chance to learn a new version.
We had four couples who came to learn the Denver Cowboy Cha Cha.

Here we are, ready to start the lessons.

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