Saturday, June 9, 2012

On the Way to Capital Reef NP-Hwy 24

My experience in Utah is severely limited since Moab and surrounding area is all I have had the chance to explore.  So I was very excited to be heading towards Capital Reef NP.  I was also going to be meeting back up with my RVing family after being away for about a year.  After I turned off I-70 onto Hwy 24, I experienced the most enchanting scenery.
Just out of nowhere you see these magnificent rock outcroppings scattered on the desert.

And this desert has real sand dunes. 

This reminds me of an entrance portal.

It almost looks like an abandoned city from long, long ago.

And yet, with just a little water everything turns green.
It truly was a beautiful drive and would highly recommend it.  I want to go back someday and stay at Goblin State Park (which I passed).  But that just gives me a reason to return.

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