Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wimberly, TX and the Salt Lick BBQ

Old Baldy Mountain or Prayer Mountain, depending on who you are talking to.  One of the highest peaks in the Hill Country, stands just outside Wimberly, TX.  Even though it was over 200 concrete steps to the top, it really wasn't much of a climb when you have hiked most of the mountains around Phoenix.

Max and I standing on top of Old Baldy.  It does have a great view of the surrounding area.

We spotted this Veterans Memorial Park from the top of Old Baldy. 

On our way to the Veterans Park, we came across the EmilyAnn Theater.  This is the smaller of the two theaters.

This is the larger theater.  It's a little early for the summer theater season, but they are the Shakespeare under the Stars for the Hill Country.

While you are waiting for the play to begin, you can wander through the gardens or even have a picnic.

I don't know who Mary Nelle is, but the gardens were dedicated to her with this lovely poem.

You could even play a lawn sized game of chess while you are waiting.

Notice the sculpture is made of farm and garden implements.

Too bad there were no plays going on yet.  I would have definitely come back for a Shakespeare under the Stars show.

On Wimberly square was this house, built in the 1930s, is notable for its "giraffe rock" exterior.  Built of native rock and poured concrete, embellished with smaller decorations such as petrified wood, decorative rock and fossils.

I've never seen a casserole to go food venue.  But there is one in Wimberly, just off the square.

Visiting with the owner, she gave us samples of the carrot souffle and it was scrumptious.  Too bad I don't live around here to order some for Easter.  They also have a complete menu of casseroles you can purchase, such as Chicken Pot Pie, Tuna Noodle and Shepherd's Pie.  If you live in the area, go check it out.

Cypress Creek runs thru the middle of town.  This is taken from the bridge.  Off to the right side is a little park with picnic tables.  All along the river are also lots of little shops selling everything from high priced jewelry to western wear, to shoes and household knick knacks.

Coming back from Austin the other evening we spotted a lot of cars and this sign.  Looking it up on the internet, I found out it was a famous BBQ restaurant.  So Saturday evening we headed to Driftwood, TX, to try it out.

There is music outside with picnic tables all around.  You can even go order your food to go and eat outside if you wish.  They have no liquor license, so it is a BYOA (bring your own alcohol).  Everyone arrives carrying ice chests, both large and small depending on the size of the party and how long you planned on staying.

This is one of the two large public inside dining areas.  Close by there are at least 2 other dining area which are used exclusively for private parties and special events.

As we were seated, since they use large picnic style tables, we were seated with this wonderful couple from California.  This was their second time to come here, so they could give us the skinny on what to order.  We had an enjoyable time visiting with them during dinner and then outside later listening to music.

This is one of their open pit BBQs.  They can serve over 3000 on any given day and will go thru 10,000-20,000 pounds of meat over a weekend.   

After dinner we went back outside to listen to a different band.  We sipped our suds, listened to the music outdoors for a while before heading back to Canyon Lake.

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