Saturday, March 3, 2012

Crawfish at Big John's Seafood Patio

Betty wanted crawfish, so she suggested Big John's Seafood Patio.  Reservations were made and after happy hour, about 15 of us headed out.

By no means is crawfish the only thing on their menu.  They have great seafood of all kinds and po boys too.

But crawfish was what most of us came for.  They sold it in 3 lb, 5 lb or 10 lb.  If you wanted anything with it such as potatoes or corn, you ordered that extra.  Notice the plastic boxes they used to bring us our crawfish.

I've had crawfish before, but never as big as some I had last night.  Here is Carleen holding up a crawfish that was big enough to eat the meat from the claws too.

They empty the sacks of live crawfish and clean them before they head for the boil.  The sacks are approximately 40 lb each and when asked how many they used on a Friday night, they said about 60.  That's about 2400 lbs of crawfish.  Wow!

After they are cooked they are weighed before heading out to the tables.

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