Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rainbow's End

Saw these on facebook and decided I had to have one.  I'm sure Toby Keith is laughing all the way to the bank with his new hit "Red Solo Cup".  You can buy these online for anywhere from $6.99-$14.99, but I made these for less than $2.
We left Betty's RV park headed towards Livingston, TX.  The plan was to take the backroads of Louisiana and Texas, spending the night somewhere around Jasper, TX.  But the rain started and it stormed most of the trip.  We got to Jasper and it was still early in the day.  Decided to keep going and arrived at Rainbow's End (the headquarters of the Escapees) about 4:30 pm.  Rain was forecast for the next 4-5 days, so hookups were welcomed.

Friday morning found us having breakfast at the CARE center.  The CARE center is a non-profit convalescent and adult day care set up especially for RVers.   It was started by Joe and Kay Peterson, founders of the Escapees.  RVers who need convalescing or medical care can apply for admittance.  You stay in your RV, but take your meals in the CARE center.  They have nurses to provide a certain level of care, you can get help with bathing, cleaning for your RV and laundry.

After breakfast I joined in the line dancing going on at the clubhouse.  Later we headed to town for some shopping.  Planned on going out Friday night, but it was raining hard and we stayed in instead.  Saturday morning was biscuits and gravy at the activity center.  Visited some with Marge Smith, who is recouping after hip replacement surgery.  Saturday afternoon we drove over to Lake Livingston State Park.  Even in the rain there were many people, mostly families, camping.  Found out later this is the start of spring break.  I guess people weren't going to let a little rain ruin their vacation.

The VFW had Johnny Riley and his band playing in the evening.  We did a little dancing and then headed home.  The band will play again at the VFW on Thursday evening and they are having a Red Beans, Rice and Sausage potluck too.

Changed all my clocks this morning and now I'm just watching it rain and listening to a country legends radio station.  No tv reception here, so I need to find someplace to watch NASCAR this afternoon.

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