Sunday, January 29, 2012

Visiting Oklahoma and the grandkids

I spent three weeks in Oklahoma, visiting kids and grandkids.  The hands on science museum was visited not once, but three times.  And I always love going to the zoo.  All too soon it was over and I flew back to Florida.  Here are a few of my favorites memories.
Only 3, but that girl knows what she wants.

Loves to climb and play outdoors.

The science museum has a simulator.

and you can see what is happening inside from a video screen.

They are experiencing the simulation of returning to earth.

That is one big table.

This fighter jet cockpit was most popular.

They love me.  They even made me these wonderful pipe cleaner glasses.

He could have spent the entire day building dams and redirecting the water.  

At home the computer keeps his attention.

What is it about boxes that captivate kids?

He's practicing to be the next big rock star.

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Barbara and Ron said...

They are soooo cute. I especially love that first picture.