Sunday, January 15, 2012

Titusville and area

I have a lot at The Great Outdoors RV Park and hadn't been there in several years.  So I stayed there for about 2 weeks and played tourist to the area.  Much of what I visited I had seen before except for the Astronaut Hall of Fame and the NASA Space Center.

Downtown Disney in Orlando is always fun to visit and they had added some new things since I was last there, including this new restaurant.
It was like eating among the dinosaurs.
I don't think I would have wanted to have a table underneath this guy.  He might have wanted my lunch.

I always loved the displays outside the Lego Store.
The VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building) at Kennedy Space Center is the 4th largest in the world.  It was the largest when it was built in 1965.  It is 526 feet tall and was built to assemble the Saturn V rocket vertically.  It's main use was to assemble the manned launch vehicles.

One of the launch pads at Launch Complex 39 at Kennedy Space Center.  Since the shuttle program has been discontinued, the launch pads are being remodeled for the capability of launching several type rockets using mobile launch pads.

There are wild pigs roaming around the space center grounds.

They had a kennel at the Kennedy Space Visitor Center, so Fancy got to come along for the day.  (We had other activities planned and did not want to leave her at home all day and evening)

Don't you like my 3-d glasses?

One of the displays at the visitor center was on robots.  It was my favorite.
We got to the Astronaut Hall of Fame and found we were already featured there as being some of the latest people accepted into the astronaut program. (ha, ha)

We did try out the G-Force Trainer.  The trainer simulates the pressure of 4 times the force of gravity and a simulated shuttle landing.  I love roller coasters, have skydived and been on many other simulators,  and never gotten motion sickness.  This was as close as I have ever come to getting motion sickness.  I was really dizzy after it stopped and had to sit there before I could get out.  WOW. 

The water in December, along the Florida Atlantic coast, is still pretty cold.  I was smart enough not to get in.  

All around the Cape Canaveral National Seashore and Wildlife Refuge you may see these creatures digging in the dirt looking for bugs.  They totally ignore you, don't run from you or anything. 


Sharon Del Rosario said...

That looks like a live armadillo. Rare, as most of them you see are dead after trying to cross the road. Nice post!

ladynomad said...

Yes, it was real. I saw them several years ago here too. The only other place I have seen live armadillos, was in Oklahoma, and that was only because one of the kids was chasing it.