Monday, January 16, 2012

Onward to the Florida Keys

I recently updated my blogger interface and am now using Google Chrome to post my blogs.  It is different and I'm still figuring out how to use it.  Some things are easier, but others seem more difficult.  One thing I am trying this time is not reducing my pictures before posting.  Please give me feedback as to whether you think it is taking the web page longer to load.  Thanks.

It was over 400 miles to Marathon, our next stop (in a real RV park too).  So we stopped in Port St. Lucie, Pompano Beach and Miami, before arriving at Marathon.  They were all short stops and I didn't have a lot of time for sightseeing, but here is a little of what I did see and do along the way.

Outside of the Citrus Museum was this cute painted turtle.

The Citrus Museum was very small, but packed a wallop of information.  Did you know to label oranges or grapefruit as 'Indian River' fruit, the fruit has to be grown within a small area surrounding the Indian River?

I visited the Navy Seals Museum too.  There was some history about the frogmen and UDTs (underwater demolition teams) from WWII, who were the forerunners of the Navy Seals.

We got to Pompano Beach Moose Lodge in time for their Christmas party.  We sat at a table with some people from NJ.  In fact, very few people there were from Florida, most were snowbirds or transplants.

We even had a live band, sort of.  But they did play some dance music.  Every other song was a Christmas song.

And we were thoroughly entertained by one of the members.
The Fort Lauderdale Beach was what I expected.  Lots of people enjoying the winter sun.

And I was even brave enough to get in the water. 

Max put on his panama hat to fit in with the locals.

We came across a flock of these parrots on our morning walk.  There must have been 50-60 of them.  I did some research and found they are not native, but have either escaped from captivity or were let loose and like some other exotics, found they bred very well in the subtropical climate of Florida.  In otherwords, they are flourishing and becoming more and more common.

Miami Beach.

Santa was catching a snooze at Miami Beach.


Teri said...

Hi, the pictures did not take longer to load on the blog, but the right side of the picture and some of the words were cut off.

ladynomad said...

Thanks for the input. I resized the pictures and I think the problem should be taken care of. I know have to use Google Chrome to add posts and as a browser it shows the blog slightly different than Internet Explorer.