Friday, November 18, 2011

Wilmington, NC

We took a trolley tour of downtown historic Wilmington.

Now full of retail shops, this was once a warehouse at the port of Wilmington.

There are supposed to be over 100 pre-civil war homes in the area. This was once the governors mansion.

The church in the background has an unusual adornment on top of its steeple.

Instead of a cross, this church has a rooster.

Across the harbor was the battleship, USS North Carolina.

We got to the trolley about 5 minutes after it left, so we had to wait almost an hour for the next one. But right next door was a little restaurant and it was $2 Tuesdays. So we had $2 tacos and beer while we were waiting.

I'm not sure of the point Max was trying to make with this picture. Maybe how much more 'cool' my car is than the 1957 T-bird?

Ft. Fisher sits just south of town at the start of the harbor. It was an earthen fort built up for harbor defense during the Civil War. Until the end of the war it allowed blockade runners to stock and provision the Confederate Army. Some believe when this fort fell in early 1865, it was the beginning of the end for the Confederate Army. Nothing much is left but some reconstructed earthworks and some signs and a memorial statue.

At the Ft. Fisher State Recreation Area we found how they rescue you at the beach. They have taken a stretcher and modified it with the large tires for manuvering on the sand.

Wilmington was noteworthy for me only because I had to get a wheel alignment, 2 new tires and arrangements for new shocks at the next town. I did learn something though, it can be very expensive to drive with bad shocks.

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