Friday, November 11, 2011

Leaving the Outer Banks

There are no pictures, this is simply my adventure of the day I left Avon, on the Outer Banks.

The plan was simple, drive down to Cape Hatteras and board the free ferry to Ocrocoke Island. Spend the afternoon sightseeing and get in line for the first toll ferry to Cedar Point in the morning. Well, the best laid plans....

First, it was pouring rain and very windy the day we left. Max and I got our RVs on the free ferry and headed towards Ocrocoke Island. When we arrived at Ocrocoke Island we found the toll ferry to Cedar Point had been shut down due to high winds and seas and wasn't expected to be back in operation for a couple of days. No problem we thought, just wait it out on Ocrocoke and take the next toll ferry available in a couple of days.

But that didn't happen. First we were told we could not park and sleep in our RVs while we waited, we would need to go to 1 of the 2 RV parks still open on the island. But when we got to the first park it was standing in water, and the other park wasn't much better. So we headed the 12 miles back across the island to the free ferry back to Cape Hatteras.

It was 4pm, I didn't get to really visit Ocrocoke, the wild horses were undercover because of the rain, and I wasn't going to get to take the ferry over to Cedar Point. I had been driving in the wind and rain since 10:30 am, I was tired and I still had several more hours before I would be off the Outer Banks. But luckily nothing else of interest happened and by 7pm we were parked in Plymouth, NC. So much for simple plans......But I do love adventures and this day was definately an adventure.

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