Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Myrtle Beach, SC

Our stay in Myrtle Beach was a relaxing one. No real sightseeing, just some beach time and fun. One of our fun outings was going to Wonderworks. I had seen Wonderworks in Orlando, but had no clue of what it was. Four of us went and had a blast. For those who have never heard of Wonderworks, it's a combination of hands on, interactive science museum along with a fun house.

This was harder than it looks. You have to pedal to made yourself go, and if you pedal enough you will go completely around. I added a movie at the end of the blog. I think I went around at least 3 times.

This was like your old fashion parlor tricks. It was supposed to be mind control. They placed a band around your head with wires attached. There was a ball (like a ping pong ball) in the center of the table. Whoever could relax the most would push the ball to the other person.

Up on the wall was a monitor showing what was supposed to be your brain wave activity. Believe it or not, I won.

But this rope challange was by far my favorite. Of course, the people you are seeing is not any of the 4 of us. We were all up there together, about 20-30 feet off the floor. You moved from platform to platform over a series of ropes, and planks. You were harnessed and couldn't really fall to the floor, but you could have fallen and dangled in the harness (although I never saw anyone do this). It was challenging, especially if you had any fear of heights. There were little kids and seniors like us, all up there taking the rope challenge.

This is only a few of the fun things. We played laser tag, rode in a roller coaster simulator (you even got to create your own ride), looked at ourselves in the trick mirrors and challenged ourselves with animated games.

But we also had some beach time. This was a nice little bar and grill on the beach. Since the busy season is over, it was quiet and not crowded.

I also got front shocks put on the motorhome and it drives so much better. Now to get the rear shocks put on in Florida.

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