Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tyler Bend and the Buffalo River

I'm back at Tyler Bend Campground on the Buffalo River. This was always a stop on NARKSMO, a WIN caravan from several years ago. Nice campground which is never busy, right on the river. Several hiking paths, a visitor center and an old homestead.

Just a short kayak trip, only 5.5 miles. Put in here at the campground and floated down to Gilbert.

This eagle was posing for us on the limb of a dead tree.

Lots of turtles were out enjoying the sunshine.

Gilbert is just a small town, with a general store, post office, restaurant and a few cabins and bed and breakfasts, as well as a river outfitter.

The general store still has the old post office boxes, even though there is a new post office down the street. This is the headquarters for the river outfitters and they sell some camping supplies, a few food items and of course, t-shirts.

A local man from Gilbert takes his dog with him. Max asked if he could get his dog to teach Fancy, my dog, how to be still enough to go kayaking with us. Not.... We visited some with this guy and he kayaks year round, even in December, January and February at least once each month, and when possible, several times a week.

This is the restaurant, Tater Bug's. Great food, all homemade. Tater Bug is named after the owner, who is also the cook. It has been her nickname from the time she was a little girl. If you are ever in Gilbert, I highly recommend stopping here for lunch or dinner. Currently their hours are 11-6 daily, 11-9 on weekends. We made sure we got there before six for dinner, but as we were leaving about 6:15, someone came up and asked if they were open. Tater Bug said she had already cleaned up but if they wanted dinner, she would feed them, to come on in. What hospitality. Several people are kayaking again today so we are going back for peach cobbler

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