Saturday, May 21, 2011

Branson and surrounding area

Table Rock Lake is so high, some of the campgrounds and picnic areas are under water.

Went up to Springfield one day and visited Bass Pro Shops.

This is the ceiling. It's supposed to be what a fish see when he looks up at the top of the water from underneath. Weird View.

We happened to be there when they fed the alligator. Here he is eating a rat.

The entire store has scenes like this, full of full scale outdoor scenes with stuffed animals. They also have several live aquariums too.

Wilson Creek Battlefield is only a few miles outside of Springfield. This is the John Ray home, which served as a battlefield hospital during the battle. His family was in the cellar during the battle. John Ray was pro-union, even though he owned slaves. I learned Missouri had more skirmishes and battles than any other state during the Civil War.

Harrison, AR, hosted the Crawdad Festival. Part of the festivities was a car show. Isn't that a cute dog?

FedEx had Denny Hamlin's car on display.

We were here 2 years ago and enjoyed the festivities, so we came back to check it out again.

I didn't know they had gorilla's in Arkansas!

The best part of the day was the cardboard kayak/canoe races. They have to build a boat using only cardboard, duct tape and paint. This year there were 3 teams entered. The Hillcrest Home boat was the clear winner this year.

When they finally came back to land there was not a drop of water in their boat.

These guys folded shortly after entering the water.

Our time here is drawing to a close and onward we will go. Sedalia, here we come.

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