Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Boonville, Rocheport and other places nearby

The Hotel Frederick, Boonville, MO, built in 1905. Still open, it has been restored to what it was in 1905. The wooden floors are original, as is the old elevator and the much of the decor. They have a special Bed and Breakfast deal for bicyclists since this is on the Katy Trail.

This passenger depot is the only remaining (out of 4) depots with the southwest architectural stying. The other 3 depots were in Oklahoma. Which makes me ask the question, "Why does the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railway not mention Oklahoma, even though you have to go through Oklahoma to get from Kansas to Texas?" I know it is trivia, but the questions bugs me. I think it might be because the M-K-T railway was built in the 1870s and Oklahoma did not become a state until 1907. Just a guess. If anyone has a better answer I would love to know it.
Another shot of the southwest styling.

The bridge in the background is the old M-K-T bridge across the Missouri River. The bridge has not been used since the M-K-T shut down.

Then it was on to Rocheport, another spot which was once a river port on the Missouri River, a stop on the M-K-T railroad and is now a town of 200 and a stop on the Katy Trail. When Max and I rode our bikes out here 2 years ago, we had lunch at a great little restaurant. So today we came back to see if it was still serving. And it was....

The menu is on a white board. After seating you, they bring the board for you to study. After taking your order they move the board to the most current table seated. Each dish was unusual, but the food was a good today as I remember from 2 years ago. Rellene and I had the Wild Rice/Apple Pancakes over Spinach, and Max had the Kaiser Roll.

When Max gave his order, he teased the waitress and mentioned he wanted the 'meat and potatoes'. She said, "It normally doesn't come with potatoes, only chips, but who knows." Well, when she brought out his sandwich it had roasted red potatoes instead of the chips.

Now what restaurant could go wrong when it has a kayak hanging from the ceiling.

The old depot is now a rest stop for the bike trail. I had never seen a bicycle built for two like this one.

On our way back to Sedalia, we detoured through California. And the sign said it only had a population of 4,005. Yes, it was California, MO, not the state. But it did have this wonderful old home. Thought it might be a Bed and Breakfast, or it might have some sign indicating who built it, and how old it was, etc., etc., but no luck. Nada. I think today it is just a private residence. Sure would like to know the history of this house.

Memorial Day found us out at the Moose Rec Center, 20 acres about 5 miles from town. Not only does it have a covered pavillion, but a stocked, private lake to fish in. There were burgers, hot dogs, chicken and all the fixin's along with games while waiting for the food.

Maybe the thieves won't know this sign is for them.

Another depot on the M-K-T line in the town of Pleasant Hill, MO. Built in 1903, it is now a visitor center, museum and several small shops.

On the way back from Kansas City we spotted this B-2 Bomber flying overhead.

You can see why it's nickname is 'The Flying Wing'

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