Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wolf Point, MT-Jul 2010

After leaving Theodore Roosevelt National Park, we headed north and west, with the ultimate goal, Great Falls, MT. But along the way.....
We first stopped at the confluence of the Yellowstone River and the Missouri River. Some went kayaking, but I wasn't feeling too good, so I passed on that outing. Next time maybe. We investigated Ft. Buford and Ft. Union, a fur trading post. Unfortunately I have misplaced or lost all the photos from my visit. I will say, I enjoyed both forts very much. Both had lots of reconstructed buildings, but both also had some original buildings as well. Lots of great history. So now I will just move on...
We left North Dakota and headed west into Montana. We stopped for gas in the town of Wolf Point. While I was gassing up a local asked if I knew about the rodeo. Of course I didn't, so he told me. Max and I decided to stay and check it out. We found a great Elks Lodge to park at which was within walking distance of the rodeo grounds. Here a few pictures of the rodeo.
I had never been to a Wild Horse Stampede Rodeo, so for me this was a first.

I always love the military and honoring our flag.

There was some really good action for both the bucking broncs as well as the bull riding.

But the rodeo clown entertained us between sessions. This was a rendition of YMCA.

Here was the wild horse stampede. I don't think anyone actually got their wild horse saddled and rode to qualify. We only stayed for the first night of the rodeo and then we headed on down the rode to other things.

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