Saturday, October 9, 2010

Back to Oklahoma, Jul 2010

I had to leave Montana and head down to Oklahoma to help my parents. Here are some pictures of my trip down, and then some pictures of my kids, grandkids and parents.
I spotted this beautiful rainbow as I was heading south in Wyoming. I always see the prettiest rainbows in Wyoming.

I seem to be seeing more and more windfarms as I travel.

I got back to Oklahoma City just in time for my grandson's 5th birthday party.

Down in Eufaula, my grandson, Gavin wasn't real happy with the neighbors granddaughter Darby.

My mother holding her great grandson.

4 of my grandsons, ages 3, 5, 9, and 10.

Here I am trying to corral the 2 youngest grandkids for a picture. They did not want to cooperate.

My only granddaughter, Caitlin, with her mom, Amy.

Cale and Fancy. Fancy looks like she is not so sure about this.

My dad just weeks before his death.

Some of the family just lounging around.

The last weekend of July is always 'Whole Hog Day' in Eufaula. They bring in a carnival, have a car show and they had about 20 teams competing for the best BBQ. After the judging the different teams give away BBQ sandwiches. Here are the kids enjoying the carnival rides.
Carter and I enjoyed this ride. I think he enjoyed it because he gets to slide into grandma and squish her.

We waited for this team to get their sandwiches ready. They had a mister and we could stand nearby and get cool, it was over 100 degrees that day.

Don't know about this, maybe he was trying for a new do?

Aaron, Holly, Adrion and Gavin. They live in Ohio until next summer when they will be moving back to Oklahoma.
Early August I was in the process of moving my parents to a nursing home in Oklahoma City, when my father fell, causing a subdermal hematoma (bleeding around the brain). Unfortunately he never knew when he was moved into the nursing home from the hospital and he died only 3 days later, on my birthday. But the happenings did not end there. At my fathers memorial my mother collapsed and had to be air evacuated to a Tulsa Hospital Trauma Center. I came close to loosing my mom and dad within the same week. But my mom pulled through and after 10 days in the hospital and several weeks in skilled nursing she was able to return to her room in the nursing home late September.
My mom finally back at the nursing home visiting with Fancy.
By early September I was looking forward to a break and I took one. A trip to Italy. My next blog will be all about my 2 weeks with Max visiting Switzlerland, France and Italy.

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Sharon Del Rosario said...

Thanks for the update on your activities. Sorry for your loss of your Dad, but happy to see your Mom doing better. It seems like Fancy helped give enjoyment to all generations of your family!